Adelaide Window Cleaning FAQs by Window Works

FAQ Page

We do Residential, Commercial, Strata, Industrial and Government work.
We specialise in window and high dusting most buildings.
We also wipe the frames and clean any flyscreens. If there are little paint spots or hard marks, we will remove them. However, where there is a lot of scraping and after renovation grime to remove, there can be additional charges. Make sure to let us know, If you need the window tracks (the bottom part
of the window frame that a sliding window moves across) cleaned, before we give the quote.
Yes. You can be assured that all window cleaners carry at least $20 million or more, in public liability insurance. They are also covered by Workers Compensation.
The price for window cleaning depends on the amount and difficulty of the windows. Given that few jobs are the same, our window cleaners are prepared to come to your home or office free of charge to give you a competitive quote - obligation free! Contact us today to organise your obligation free quote
2 weeks would be great but we can move things around to suit.
It depends on the design of the building and windows. Often we can clean the outsides from the inside. Sometimes the window pops out; other times they open enough to be able to reach both sides from inside. We also use poles and extension ladders. We have attained the ‘Work Safely at Heights’ (MNMG237A) qualification and are Operational Health and Safety (OH & S) certified. Above all, we use common sense to remain completely safe at all times.
Yes. We understand that great care needs to be taken to avoid scratching the
glass. This type of window cleaning work is best left to the professionals!
We normally continue working if it is raining. However, if we consider the
weather dangerous, i.e. stormy and wild winds, then we would re-schedule.
No. Residue in rain attaches itself to dirt already on the glass, often making windows look worse. However, if the windows are clean, the rain water simply runs off. The three main reasons windows become dirty are:

Pollen & Dust

Insect droppings

Finger prints

If these are present on the glass when it rains, the residue in the rain attaches
itself to the dirt and often makes the windows look worse. So if the windows
have recently been cleaned, then the rain will simply run off the clean glass
and the windows continue to remain clean.
Yes we do. Keeping fly screens (or fly wire) clean helps to keep the windows clean too. Please mention if you have fly screens at your place.
You can pay the window cleaner when he comes to do the job, by Cash or alternatively by Cheque or Bank Transfer.
Of course! All our window cleaners are willing and happy to issue invoices so you may be able to claim the service back on tax.